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Our Goldens

Our Goldens are beloved members of our family. They live in our home and get lots of love and attention!


Koda (front) is our beautiful, sweet Dam. She is loving and loyal and the ultimate companion dog. She is registered with the AKC and is OFA hip certified.

KodaOllie copy.jpg


Navi is a lovebug. She likes to be right by my side or sitting at my feet. She loves fetching tennis balls, playtime outside and learning new tricks. She has her father's beautiful, thick light coat. Navi is getting her preliminary hip/elbow certification in May 2023.


Ollie is our energetic, happy-go-lucky Sire. He loves a good hike and swimming in any body of water he can find! He is the ultimate retriever and will swim across the lake to fetch a ball or stick. Ollie is registered with the AKC and is OFA Hip certified.

Our Goldens: Available Pets
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